Pottery step by step


The clay and the process of pottery making

  • Wedging and preparing the clay.

Once the clay arrives at Puigdemont S.L-ceràmica artesanal, it must be prepared to ensure an even moisture content throughout the body and an ideal flexibility to start with the shaping process.


  • Shaping on the potter’s wheel.

Here begins the process of throwing which requires considerable skill and experience. In our case, at Puigdemont S.L-ceràmica artisanal, we are already the third generation which follows the pottery tradition from La Bisbal. Once the piece is moulded, it goes through the first control of quality; all materials are checked against the company's high standards.




  • Underglazing and drying

After the potter’s wheel the pieces are set aside to dry. The clay must become hard and rigid in order to be handle without deforming the designs. Also, at this stage, the underglaze is applied to the pieces. The underglaze provides a colour base and impermeability. The underglazing is made of Creta limestone – a thin and porous chalk- with the chosen colour. The traditional colours of the ceramics from La Bisbal d'Empordà are the earthy yellows and reds colours.


Underglazing Drying


  • Painting and decorating

From traditional decorations and new collections of shapes and colours, to exclusive designs and custom-made orders. We offer our meticulous craftsmanship and know-how in every piece to make sure it is unique. At Puigdemont S.L-ceràmica artesanal, we have made a big effort during these last years to research and obtain new colours and textures which are reflected in our last new collections.



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pintar torn xeringa


  • Glazing

This is the last process prior to firing the clay. One last glassy coating is provided in order to render each piece impermeable.





  • Firing

The slow firing process at high temperatures allows the vitrification of the underglaze, the glaze and the paints and it gives to the piece its consistency and final colour. The chemical reactions which are produced inside the kiln make it necessary to calculate the variations of the products, the temperature and the timing with great precision. Any alteration would mean a change of colour or an undesired surprised. Even though each firing is indeed a surprise and only when we open the kiln we can discover the final results.






  • Quality control

When the pieces come out from the kiln they have already been handled around thirty times. This patient process from the first moment the clay is prepared continues after the firing. It is necessary to check the pieces are perfectly finished without any flaws. We are aware this work demands care and expertise in order to obtain at the end of the process an original piece of handmade pottery from La Bisbal, which is born from the traditional knowledge of a family workshop where we do not hide our urge to create and design new colours and joy.

 Showroom and sale

You may find our products in our own workshop Puigdemont S.L-ceràmica artesanal in La Bisbal d’Empordà and at other specialised stores.

We keep throwing to the wheel one by one unique pieces in order to keep enjoying the pleasure of combining sights, sensations, emotions enjoying a well laid table full of colours, a bowl evoking a gathering or a person, or drinking fresh water from a clay pitcher.


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